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File sharing another way!

Are you out a lot? Is your smartphone your second home?

Save yourself the trouble of having to upload or download large files, entire folders, or having to send them over email.

Now, with our cloush app, you can keep your friends or family up to date much more easily and securely. You just send your data from cloud to cloud and in the process save simultaneously you smartphone's data volume.
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download data securely from your cloud

You want to have your data available on all computers? Our cloush app can help you here.

With it you generate a barcode and download the data directly onto your computer. You don't have to register yourself with your cloud provider. Instead with your smartphone you can directly determine which data can be accessed by which computer.

In this way your access data remains secure and you can calmly work with your data wherever you want.

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Our philosophy

We are a young and mobile start up company.
Our goal is to make data exchange easier and also more secure for you.

Through us, your smartphone can become your data center and you will not longer have to send or download your data.
The cloush app makes it possible for you to quickly, access your data from anywhere, and to send it at any volume, without complication, and with a high degree of security.

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